中心主任: 周光宏 教授
The National Center of Meat Quality and Safety Control( namely ‘the center’ as followed by ) is the construction project approved by National Ministry of Science and Technology, which is based on the Meat Engineering Research Center of Jiangsu Province and it is built by both of Nanjing agriculture university and Jiangsu Yurun Food Industry Group Co., Ltd. The center carries out a series of work which is centered around the common technical problems of the whole industry such as the quality control of the chilled meat processing, modernization of traditional meat processing, processing and quality control of the low-temperature meat and meat grading. Moreover, some meat scientific issues like mature mechanism of meat, the mechanism of the flavor formation of the traditional meat products and the mechanism of food gel formation .Number of the achievements has reached to the place which is leading in the domestic and also advanced internationally. The center has obtained one piece of national award ,nine pieces of Provincial award, twenty-two pieces of Identification of technical achievements and new achievements as well as thirty-nine ...