The announcement of Doctor's degree Defense in 2015
2015-05-26   Author:管理员   Read Times:2172

Title: Effect of Multiple Freeze Thaw Cycles on The Quality of Chicken Breast Meat

RrespondentSher Ali

TutorProf. Zhou Guanghong

Title: Emulsifying Properties of Myofibrillar Protein of Pork

RrespondentWu Juqing

TutorProf. Zhou Guanghong

Title: Studies on Gel Properties of Pse-Like Chicken Breast Meat

RrespondentLi  Ke

TutorProf. Xu Xinglian

Title: Effects and Mechanism of Electrical Stunning on Meat Quality of Broilers

RrespondentHuang Jichao

TutorProf. Xu Xinglian

Title: Studies of Effects and Mechanism of Soybean Protein Isolate and Carrageenan on Qualities of Chopped Pork Patties

RrespondentGao Xueqin

TutorProf. Zhang Wangang

Time and place: 2:00 pm, 31th May,2015  Room A202