The announcement of master's degree Defense in 2015(Ⅰ)
2015-05-19   Author:管理员   Read Times:2256

Title: The Effect of Sodium Caseinate-Sunflower Oil Emulsion on Quality and Nutrition of Sausage

Rrespondent Wang Xiaojuan

Tutor Prof. Zhou Guanghong

Title: Study on Process Optimization of Roasted Duck Duck Ham and Quality Improvement

Rrespondent Nie Xiaokai

Tutor Prof. Zhou Guanghong

Title: Study on Using Lactobacillus Plantarum to Reduce the Content of Biogenic Amines in the Fermented Sausage

RrespondentXie Chong

Tutor Prof. Xu Xinglian

Title: Effect of Pre-Emulsification of Plant Lipid Treated by Ultrasound on the Functional Properties of Chicken Breast Meat Myofibrillar Protein Composite Gel and Meat Batter Quality RrespondentZhao Yingying

Tutor Prof. Xu Xinglian

Title: Study on Emulsifying and Processing Properties of Myofibrillar Protein and Chicken Plasma Protein

RrespondentChen Lin

TutorProf. Xu Xinglian

Title: Metabolism Study of Ribavirin in Laying Hens by Using Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry

Rrespondent Zheng Xin

TutorResearcher Tang Xiaoyan

Time and place: 2:00 pm, 23th May,2015  Room A202